Jedan pitanje?????????????

I'm not trying to soli pamet or anything of the sort…this is a genuine question. I have read many different versions.  All but the Serbian version seem to say the same thing:

Jasenovac was a horrible slaughter camp established by the Ustase/Nazi's. I constantly hear references to the Roma, Serbs and Jews being annihilated there.  Many other sources that I have read indicate that an exceptionally large number of Muslims were also exterminated in Jasenovac.

I have yet to find a ‘western’ source to say opposite. Whereas most Serbian sources to not address that fact at all. Now I now numbers get exaggerated all time…but the percentage of Muslims killed didn't seem to be a figure to brush aside.

The reason I bring it up is because old Dodo basically said Srebrenica happened because Jasenovac was never spoken about openly.

Well…from what i gather – its still not being spoken about openly.

Any opinions or cold, hard facts floating about to enlighten me?

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  1. It was spoken about. Many schools had their 8th grade round-trips organized to visit Jasenovac, at my time (born 1965.) We learned it at school, it was always referred to as an Ustasa-camp for Communists, Jews, Serbs and others. It was spoken about, but the number of victims varys, depending on source and time. I know a man, now in his late 60-s, a Muslim from Banjaluka, a professor, with PhD, now living in Minnesota, whose mother was interned as a Communist, and she gave him birth on a truck that took her to Jasenovac.