I'm a modern man!

Sabina thinks I'm nuts. Perhaps she has a point…but I think this particular ‘behaviour’ is simply a sign of the times.

It's a long tradition, particularly for us men, to take a newspaper to the Loo (fyi – toilets were called loo's in England because they were frequently located in room 100 of buildings).  Grabbing the NYTimes or Gracija to accompany one would not even raise an eyebrow in most households. So why does it sound the alarm bells when I start packing up my laptop for a short journey.

What is one to do when one do reads morning journals online? I mean….I'm a modern man. This is the 21st century. I have wireless. Of course I'm gonna take my laptop with me. So why does Sabina look at me like I'm a case for Jagomir when i tuck my trusty acer under my arm and head to room 100? 

Granted, it's a bit more tricky than just flipping the pages of Oslobodenje. I requires a bit more motor skill manipulation – but nothing that a modern man can't handle, right? It works out perfectly fine…almost as if I had the daily newspaper with me.

And women say men can't multi-task!?!?! 

4 komentara

  1. Meni je super stalak za novine koji stoji u sobi 100 i obogaćuje se redovno novim brojevima. Tako je interesantnije. Kompjuter nosim svuda, ali časopise uglavnom ne čitam ako nisam u “hali” kao što se kod nas kaže. 🙂