As long as your not in a buggy or wheelchair

Although people still park on every piece of curb they can find in downtown Sarajevo, making it nearly impossible to navigate town with a child's pram (god forbid with a wheelchair), mid spring in this town is simply pure bliss.

Maybe it's like that in any town…I couldn't really say. But Sarajevo in April, and even more so in May, is really magic. It's not just Pacha Mama coming to life, painting the town and the hillsides green, but we all seem a bit lighter…happy to be outside…grateful for the fresh air….entranced by the sunshine.

It's painfully obvious that the recession is in full swing here. Every single solitary cafe is jammed packed….all day…every day. Cevapi and burek lane are barely passable from the carnivores hording to indulge in these Bosnian delicacies.

Still, making ones way through the labyrinth of people, ripped up sidewalks, and cars parked on every centimeter of available and accessible space makes the trip to downtown with a baby slightly less than enjoyable. On the fourth time of having to enter the street with my 11 month old into oncoming traffic…we decided to call it a day.

A friend of mine, stranac, once asked me where are all the war invalids in Sarajevo. He was surprised to not see many in town. Now it all makes sense to me. They can't come out. It's a nightmare to get around town in a wheelchair or minus a leg. Not fair. Not fair at all.

The sad thing is…nobody really seems to give a shit.

Viva wheelchair and baby buggy access for all!


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