Anti aircraft crosses

I was raised a Catholic with a fairly traditional Irish-American upbringing. Church every Sunday. Communion. Confirmation. Bible lessons and the lot.

It's true…i have strayed from the path of the ‘only God'….but I still very much respect tradition and the integral part it played for my wider family. So as a psuedo-Catholic I must say that watching 8,000 ‘Christians’ march the stations of the cross on Hum in Mostar yesterday was horribly offensive to me. I can only imagine what it must feel like for their Muslim neighbours who were pelted with anti-aircraft fire from the bunker that was located at EXACTLY THE SAME SPOT as the 30 metre cross that the worshippers aimed to reach yesterday.

I'm no theologian, but I do know Jesus was a pacifist. I do know he said ‘don't follow me’. I do know he was a revolutionary. Although its pure speculation….my guess is that old Isa's heart isn't bursting with joy watching a group of ‘believers’ hike to a point in his honour where innocent lives were blown into oblivion in a most violent way. I was a witness to it. It's not heresy.

Medugorje can have all the crosses it likes on its hilltops, similar to those in Italy or Spain. More power to you. But on Hum? That's just bezobrazluk…and far from what I – or Mr. Christ – would consider Christian.

So it goes.

God Bless. Happy Easter. Peace

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