A just as interesting answer to Bojan Bajic

There should be no doubt that many people here will disagree about many things for a long time to come. It's in our DNA code to disagree. But if we are going to disagree….this seems like some of the most civilized exchanges I've experienced in a great long while. This article was also published on Banjalukain…which is run by Bojan.

If we keep showing respect and speaking in a civil manner like this I might start to think something really funky is going here.  So enough of this civility shit people! You're scaring me!

But for real, to me its just proof that when we allow ourselves to take the other sides perspective into play, even if just for a moment, our tone changes. Our blood pressure doesn't go through the roof. We don't want to send anyone ‘u sto picki mile materine.’ (excuse my French pls) 


I'm not sure how valuable it is for us to constantly go back 50, 100, 150 or a thousand years. We can interpret it in a million different ways. What we can be sure of is what we FEEL now. What our reality is now. And there are no rights and wrongs in how we FEEL. In that sense, it is a truth of sorts…even if some of our truths are based on the lies of the past.

Does that make any sense or should I just shut my computer down?

Have a good weekend my friends…bosanci….srbi…..peruanci…i svimirci.


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