happy 9. mart

I went to DM yesterday to get a few things.  Sabina was with me, milling through the baby food section to see if some new yummy organic treats had hit the shelves. They hadn't. But that's beside the point.

When we went to pay the very courteous cashier tried to give us a rose. I kindly rejected it. She looked at me as if I was insane….perhaps she even felt a bit insulted.

With all do respect to the many fine sisters out there….8 Marta is a sham. I find it to be a horribly chauvinistic and two-faced ‘holiday.’ I can't believe so many women eat it up…taking the flowers, the coffee and cake at the local slatiscarna, and the pitiful (and shortlived) ass-kissing from the male population with smiles from ear to ear. It's man manipulation.

You're underpaid and overworked. You are – quite literally – the backbone of family and community. You are our nurturers. And more often than not the voice of reason when the going gets tough.

Now I'm not declaring women the perfect species. Far from it. But the 8. marta thing…however well intended some of your male friends, sons, husbands, relatives, and bosses may be…is a total farce. See it for what it is. And ask for a raise next 8 marta instead of a carnation and a piece of cake.

Bob Marley was singing to you as well….

ya gotta get up, stand up….stand up for your rights

Men ain't  gonna give it to you. Plain and simple. And for that…I sincerely apologize for the way we are.


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