free at last

i have nothing, in general, against Serbia.  The state and many of their citizens have done some horrible things in their recent past.  But to be honest, i can't think of too many countries in Europe who can make an opposite claim.  The country of my birth is certainly no exception.

Granted, I've never quite come upon a nation so obsessed with itself.  They dwarf the Greeks when it comes to mythology.  But hell, at least they're creative.   

Like most countries of the former YU….i think Serbia's political arena is moral pig pen.  Again, none of their neighbours can say much to the contrary.  So it goes.   

What I do have a problem with is that our little buddy Ratko and co. can dance the kolo in every corner of Serbia and the EU awards them with lifting the visa regime. 

As a semi-anarchist….i'm not the biggest fan of countries or borders. Screw first class and second class citizens.  I hate flags too.  They are stupid. 

However, if they're gonna lift the ban on a country that intellectually and militarily led an assault on its most of its neighbours, at least lift the ban for those who got the shit kicked out of them (aka, us and Kosova). 

Now i know we can be stupid.  Or perhaps even we are stupid for not being able to sort our own house out.  But come on…..

The good thing about it is that our neighbour (I've learned here its important to be a good neighbour) Serbs, Macedonians (get over it Greece, they are called Macedonia and always will be), and Montenegrins will be released from the Balkan jail. 

That's what we've needed all along.  A little taste of the soul of Europe.  Get out and breath a bit.  Get the chance to see that we are all out of our minds and that we royally screw everything up even though we're gifted with so many wonderful things on our little peninsula. 

Go tear down your walls of conspiracy!  Go see that the west doesn't have it out for you!  Go taste what proper Thai food tastes like!  Rediscover yourselves!  See the big picture.  Climb out of our bitter Balkan cave and realize that, like it or not, we'll be one big happy family again sometime soon. 

So we might as well get along, n'est pas? 

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  1. it may seem strange to comment on my own blog…but i have had some time to contemplate things.

    Europe is pitiful. They really are. Spineless bunch if you ask me.

    Regardless of our miserable political structure (which the west helped create and Europe defaulted on reforming)….this decision to free certain citizens and keep others under lock and key is downright shitty.

    Most Bosnian Croats i know have Croatian putovnica's…more power to them. A lot of Serbs have Serbian pasose. More power to them too. But this decision will largely keep Bosnjaks out…and nista nije slucajno.

    i know its not that simple and that we certainly share the blame. But have they no shame.

    Imagine what Bosnian Muslims must feel like…the two countries that brutally attacked them, slaughtered their children, destroyed the country, looted it, raped it….and they get big welcome mats to europe and the Muslims get to stay home. If i were a Muslim…i would lose all faith in so-called European democracy and fairness.

  2. When I was at Uni, back in 1991, my professor said one thing, which is probably the only thing I still remember in its entirety. He said, and I quote “European union was not made to unite, but to divide even more”. It sounded stupid, when he said it, because we all were in the Europe Mode. We were all “Europeans and intellectuals”. Then, when No2 hit the fan, and nothing happened, like we were on Mars, not next door to EU, I started thinking; maybe my professor was not that stupid after all. Then when Greek Cyprus got the EU membership, and North Cyprus was left out cold, I sort of realized he was right 100%. Former blogger and former British ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina was trying to pool the wool over our eyes by BSing about EU as uniting force, and I lost it. I asked him if EU was so uniting, how come, North Cyprus was left out, when we all know who started the conflict there, who committed atrocities and why Turkey entered Cyprus (to literally save lives of Turkish Cypriots), who wanted reunion and who was against… Literally every word he said in that particular moment was either a blunt lie, or even worse stupidity and misinformation.

    The ambassador left for England, and I was left without any answers. Hey, he is just a mouthpiece for UK, so what would you expect? Now it is a same ol’-same ol’. We all know who started the war, we all know who committed the crimes, we all know everything and still we are surprised. Now let’s just think for a second what is the common in both stories… Ah, yes, but can we say that? Nope, because Sarkozy might find it offensive when somebody calls him a racist sonofab**** even though he is one.

    There is a great proverb which goes like “uzdaj se use i u svoje kljuse”, which means trust in yourself and yourself alone. Tito, my favorite dictator had that sort of belief in himself. He did not wait for somebody to throw him a bone, he made his and our destiny by making something that would grow into It is our problem that we expect the impossible, for racist of the old world to accept us. They invented EU, so they could pretend we do not exist. We should, or better yet, we must forget all that happened, we must put it aside. We must forget that we were victims and we must start making our own destiny, which maybe is not in the EU, who knows. Maybe the answer is repeating steps that Tito did 1961? Anything, but crying over spilled milk is a better answer. So, like Dr. Alban said “hello Africa, tell me how you doing”, maybe our future is south?

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