intellectuals bez intellect

One quick question for any of you who might care to comment.  I have never been to a place with more self proclaimed ‘intellectuals.’  I find them not so very intellectual…and more often rather dangerous.  Dobrica Cosic is the epitome of this special class of people.  But its not him I'm concerned with at the moment. 

It's Muhamed Filipovic.  I find him to be, amongst other things, a barking mad danger to Bosnjak's and Bosnia. 

I know several of his close family members.  They find him arrogant and mean.  He has bothered me for years…yet for some reason I've never bothered to mention the danger he poses. 

Everything, anything and anyone non ultra-nationalistic (sound familiar) are the destructors of BiH.  Make no mistake…there is little or no difference between the ‘trojka’ of right oriented nationalist platforms.   

Tihic and Lagumdzija seem to top his list.  Everyone non Bakir struje is public enemy number one.  FTV – public enemy.  Center SDA – public enemy.  Left SDP – public enemy.  And these are supposed to be allies.  His sentiments towards others only enforce and encourage the negative stereotypes of Bosnjak's. 

Is it not the same type of ‘desnicar’ rhetoric that led many Serbs and Croats down the scary road we're on now? Can we not see that he is propagating the flip side of the ideas coming from the eastern side of the Drina? 

The key to the success of Bosnia is not for Bosnjaks to lay down and play dead dog.  But compromise and the true principles of multi-ethnicity are most alive within this sphere…and its hanging on by a string.  Without that ‘struje'….Bosnia is dead.

Filipovic should take a permanent retirement from his ‘intellectual’ capacities.  I'd take the current incompetencies over his vision of BiH anyday. 

I think Michael Moore's message to George Bush is appropriate here…

Shame on you Muhamed Filipovic.  Shame on you!

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