thank you croatia

I have lived in Sarajevo for over 10 years now.  When i moved here from Mostar i was 27.  Many of my friends were in uni at that time…and even years down the road, having a partner that is 10 years younger than me, i have been surrounded by the young, creative, and rather resistant uni crowd. 

Why resistant?

Well, sort of like gore-tex being waterproof, university students had to be professor-proof. 

I don't want to knock the honest and morally driven professors that DO exist in our university system….but i have really not seen a morally bankrupt intellectual elite in quite like ours.  The students had to bear the brunt not only of dispicable corruption but of incompetence, arrogance, and emotional torture. 

What has bothered me…and continues to do so…is the remarkable ability of our young people to do absolutely nothing (except grow an extra hard coat of skin) in the face of adversity.  My friends have always told me horror stories of slipping professors 500 KM in their index come ispit time.  I have had female friends crying to me by offensive sexual gestures made by male professors.  I have seen top students lose yet another year because of some asshole, napolean complex, i bought my doctorate degree during the war, ‘professors.’

What i never saw was anyone with the courage to stand up to these injustices.  We just whined.  Complained.  Felt sorry for ourselves.  This sentiment has been perpetuated for countless generations since ‘peace’ has reached our land. 

Thanks to a slightly more democratic…and tonnes more braver student body in Croatia – someone finally said ‘enough is enough.’  Now the snowball effect has kicked in…and the avalanche has crossed the border.  Neka je.

Remember MLK and brother Bob my friends….remember him well

"The greatest tragedy is not the doings of evil men but rather the silence of the good ones’

You gotta get up…stand up….stand up for your rights.  Get up…stand up…..don't give up the fight.’

Fight on dear friends.  If you have truth on your side….justice cannot be avoided.  Be patient.  Don't give up. 


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  1. i think that is one of the problems with our society…that all things, any things are someone elses responsibility to act on. how would police know anything if the students kept their silence. i have no faith in these institutions…justice is often a foreign concept to these bodies that are meant to protect and serve. Justice comes from the goodness and fairness of our communities. university community. sports community. intellectual community. any and all of them.

    We must act. Take our future, and indeed our present, into our own hands. I'm not saying become vigilantes…but breaking the chain of silence that keeps us in the dog house. When we speak loudly and as one…..when the people lead, the ‘leaders’ they will follow.

  2. it is so crazy overthere…when i hear students there it seems like another world. But i think the studentbody is not very strong anywhere in Europe, the students are not anymore standing in the front lines when injustice has been done. We have to take back the power we have lost and again start paying attention.