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The IMT report....

Although some of my guide book readers have criticized me for being blinded by my love and admiration for the luda land called Bosnia and Herzegovina - I always felt i was able to be objective enough for my words and sentiment to be accurate.

After the research report by the World Economic Forum placed BiH second to last in terms of tourism, I was contacted by Radio Stari Grad to give a statement on what I thought about that report. The research showed many visitors saw the country as dirty, the people rude, the infrastructure in shambles- and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

I found myself trying desperately to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I skwirmed like a fish out of water trying to deny or 'lighten up' some of the findings of the research. For the first time - really, the very first time - since I have been engaged in promoting the natural and cultural beauties of our beloved Bosna....I felt like i was lying through my teeth. And, in fact, i was. I lied. The research wasn't exaggerated or inaccurate at all. And regardless of the fact that there are many things in tourism that WE DO do right....we are only as strong as our weakest link. And those are a dime a dozen.

In all is that bad. As the capitalist's love to say "Customer is King." And in many respects - they should be. Not here though. To many - guests are simply here to be taken for a ride. To suck as much out of them as possible. Quality doesn't come to mind much. Nor does what our guests experience matter. It's all about IMT. Our chronic post-war disease - IMT. 

So i've decided to confess my lies. I have started an article that I will send to all the major newspapers here - as most of them reported on the results of the research. But I couldn't wait that long. So I've brought the crunched version to the confession box.

Even though I don't consider myself a Christian....I've never been able to rid myself of the guilt that comes with being Catholic. When they get you young...they really get you! Forgive me father...

So it goes. peace

ps on a lighter note...we did manage to 'beat' Moldava! Not Albania though.

─îiste namjere / Pure Intent
20/03/2011 11:35