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One day the misery will be defeated....and we will be the parents of many children of many races


International everything days....

Forest Day. Down Syndrome Day. Water Day. We have all these 'international days of something' all the time. I find it rather bizarre.

Does anyone else find this human habit to be slightly ignorant?

I fully understand and appreciate the need to raise awareness and bring attention to many social issues. I am also well aware that we are over saturated with so many issues that its hard to keep anyone's attention about much of anything except the economy and radiation threats.

We talk about about destruction of the forest and the need to protect it for a whole day. Well, actually more like 12 hours. We give interviews and have kiddies running around with signs about saving the forest. So the air we breathe is worth a half-day effort. The lungs of the planet get a whole dozen hours for us to ponder. Same for water. A billion people on earth don't have access to clean drinking water. Startling news. But news that we only hear on that day. News that we do nothing about.

I agree, I'm being cynical.

So let's take Downs Syndrome Day. I think it's a good thing. Educate people about the plight and needs of people with Downs Syndrome. Having two cousins with Downs...I find it refreshing that the public is being at least a bit educated about the disease. And if just a handful of people have more understanding and passion - then I say job well done.

But water, mountains, forests...and all the other things that make life on this earth possible get a lousy single day of banners, expert opinions, and pathetic ceremonies. Hmmmm....sorry, just doesn't work for me.

What works for me is a transformational head shift of our place and role on this planet. A sense of belonging instead of owning. A bit of humbleness instead of arrogance. A slight air of respect in place of disdain.

So yes, a billion people don't have access to clean drinking water. The questions are WHY? and, more importantly, what are we going to do about it?


Čiste namjere / Pure Intent
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What is cista namjera
Although i have become an honorary balkanite, one thing that truly bothers me is how distrustful we are of each other and how quick we are to criticize without necessarily knowing all the facts. I will certainly criticize...and rant & rave about the environment and other things that get ispod moj koze. But i promise to do it with the pure intent. No lies. No bull shit. And entirely open to criticism.

about me
I am a semi-nomadic global activist...bosnaphile, ecologist, hiker, writer, new yorker/sarajevan. Bosnia and Herzegovina has been my home after i hitchhiked from Germany to BiH on Christmas day 1992. People always ask me what was the hardest thing about coming to Bosnia during those times. My answer is always the same...'leaving!'

What about you?
This blog isn't about me. It's about us. I'd love to hear from you...your comments, complaints, suggestions, passions, fears, whatever. What I'd rather not have is a stupid nationalistic exchange on who did what, when. I'm not interested in finger pointing but constructive dialog. If you happen to be one of those negativci...leave your negative energy somewhere else please. Hvala.

I have already received comments from some of you asking me to write or comment on certain issues. That, in fact, is what this is all about. I welcome requests to write about certain topics...and if i can, i surely will. Feel free to ask me to address specific topics.



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